Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Conductors and insulators

Conductor is a material easy to conduct an electrical charge, sedankan insulator is a substance that is difficult to conduct electrical charges. It has been stated earlier that at some electrons around this is easy to move and move.


The instrument used to determine the existence of electric charge on a body is the electroscope. Examples of gold leaf electroscope. if an electrically charged object touches the metal cap, a metal plate and gold leaf becomes electrically charged.

Coulomb's Law

The relationship between power and force of the electric charge was first investigated by the physicist Charles Coulomb French nationality. In experiments using Coulomb's torsion balance. Balls A and B are electrically charged ball type. If the ball is brought near the ball B A which lies on the tip of the balance sheet, the ball B will be rejected A.

Electric Charge

There are two types of electric charge, ie a positive electric charge and negative electric charge. Objects that lack an electron has a positive electrical charge and objects that have excess electrons a negative electrical charge. Large electric charge depending on the amount of deficiency or excess of electrons sutau objects.